Customer success is a science that requires constant customer engagement. This engagement is often done through static tools that don’t reflect the dynamic nature of your business.

With the Heroku powered mobile framework, Engager, you can create dynamic surveys that offer rewards for your customers. Questions can be assigned unique point values that your customers can redeem for rewards like discounted Uber rides or credit.

Engager can use Heroku connect to get your customer success data into your Salesforce org where you can build dashboards and reports to take action on your findings.

With Engager, customer success data can be used to empower sales, marketing, support, and finance in ways that seemed impossible before.

Use Case

Imagine you are holding a conference and you would like to know how your customers are experiencing the event.

Within the Engager framework, you could add a new question like, "How much are you enjoying the conference?”, assign a point value, and send a notification to all of your customers.

The question is incentivized with a unique “point” value, driving your customers to answer the questions in the order that are most important to your business.

Customers would login to the Engager mobile app, respond to the question, and earn points for their wallet at the same time as you’ve just gathered actionable insights.

Deploy Deploy

Setup instructions for Mobile Browser App. Checkout a working demo of the app, a Mobile Browser ONLY, HTML5 application. Swipe interactions, are not currently configured to run in a Desktop Browser.


Built on Heroku with Nodejs and React/HTML/CSS, deliver value to your customer and your organization simultaneously. Rewards architecture to give valuable services to your customer. Seamless integration of key customer insights to your Sales Reps and Marketers with Heroku Connect. Configurable engagement tools stored in Postgres database to quickly and independently adapt to new markets.